Each year, the VFW organizes a membership program to direct and challenge VFW posts to get involved with local communities, recruit qualified veterans, and share veteran resources. The program is as follows.



Membership Program 2023 – 2024

Membership through Community Involvement. We need to be proactive when it comes to
recruiting new members and retaining current members. Please don’t rely on people to join and
renew on their own. Reach out and encourage them.

Department Membership Team (DMT)

DMT members are charged with being the first line of contact within the community for new and prospective members.
 Research and schedule membership table opportunities independently or with guidance from the Department Membership Director.
 Establish lines of communication between DML members, Post Commanders, and Community representatives.
 Seek out community outreach opportunities.
 Build and maintain relationships with businesses, schools, municipal agents…etc.
 Report all activities to the Department Membership Director.
Post Ambassadors

District Membership Liaisons will nominate ONE member that best represents their Post to new and current members. Post Ambassadors must meet the following criteria:
 Good communication skills.
 Welcoming and encouraging attitude.
 Knowledge of VFW programs.
 Willingness to receive calls from new members and DMLs.

New Member Timeline

One week – Call to ensure the member has received their ID.
Yes – Congratulate them and invite them to the next meeting so you can formally induct them.
No – Confirm it is on the way and check back within five days.
1 Month – Inquire if the member has visited the Post.
Yes – Ask how their visit went. Do they have any feedback about the Post? Let them know about volunteer opportunities.
No – Ask if there is a day that you can personally meet up. Highlight a few upcoming events.
6 Months – Ensure the member receives the Post newsletter, followed by Post social media.

1 Year – Ask what they thought of their first year in the VFW. Remember that they are UNIQUE, DIFFERENT, and SPECIAL and have a place in the VFW. REMIND them of their renewal date. Outline the benefits of becoming a LIFE member and how it can be purchased.

Membership PUSH

The Director will encourage the Posts and Districts to hold a membership drive or activity four times yearly. These activities should not require spending at the Post or District level. Please get in touch with the Membership Director if you have any questions or concerns.

Patriots Day Push (Sep 11)– Patriots Day weekend. Contact your community to see if any  Patriots Day activities are planned. Presenting the colors at a high school football game is a great opportunity. Use this opportunity to recruit new members and renew interest in the Post.

Veterans Day Push – Veterans Day weekend. Local media will be wanting to run stories about Veterans in their communities. Contact them first! Participate in parades in any way possible. Contact local recruiters and see if you can talk to recruits. They are our future.

Christmas Push – Encourage families to purchase Life Memberships or Legacy Memberships for the Veterans. See if there is a Toy for Tots drive in your area. Ask if you can host or seek donations on their behalf.

April Open House – Hold an event open to the public to bring them into your Post. Open the doors and shed some light on all the great things the VFW does for Veterans and the community.

Highlight the Patriots Pen/Voice of Democracy program, Teacher of the Year, and First Responder awards, community service activities, or hold a dinner. If you don’t have a physical post, reach out to another Post within your District or find a space within the community.

Please be aware that all of the above activities can and should be reported in your monthly Activities Report. One Team, One Dream!

Membership Program Awards
 Any Post that achieves 100% in membership will earn a banner.
 Any Post that achieves 100% by the Fall Conference will be entered into a drawing for $200.00. The deadline is the 1st morning of the Fall Conference. Drawing will occur at the Fall Conference.
 Any Post that achieves 100% by the Mid-Winter Conference will be entered into a raffle for $200. The deadline is the 1st morning of the Mid-Winter Conference. Drawing will occur at the Mid-Winter Conference.
 The top 10 recruiters in the Department will earn a 2023 Membership Team polo.
 The top recruiter in the Department will receive a 2023 Membership Team Captain polo.
 The District with the most recruiters who have recruited or reinstated five or more members will earn a certificate and $250.00. Each eligible recruiter must have recruited or reinstated at least five members. In the event of a tie, the award will be split evenly, not to be less than $100.00
 The Post in each division with the most recruiters who have recruited or reinstated two or more members will earn a certificate and $200.00. Each eligible recruiter must have recruited or reinstated at least two members. In the event of a tie, the award will be split evenly, not to be less
than $100.00

Division 1, 0-99 members
Division 2, 100-199 members
Division 3, 200-299 members
Division 4, 300+ members

All Membership Awards are derived from the numbers from the National Membership MemStats and records retained by our National Membership Department in Kansas City. To receive recruiter credit, you MUST put your NAME and VFW MEMBERSHIP ID NUMBER on the membership application form. The POST QUARTERMASTER must include the recruiter’s information when transmitting ALL NEW and REINSTATED MEMBERS to the National Membership Department. The RECRUITER and POST QUARTMASTER are responsible for ensuring this is done.


Garrett R Dickey
Department Membership Chairman/District 8 Jr Vice Commander
8711 Polk St
Zeeland, MI 49464