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2024/2025 MISSION
"The Department of Michigan VFW Riders Groups are dedicated to forging a path of camaraderie, service, and honor. Our mission this year is to unite as a cohesive force, passionately supporting the objectives of the VFW National and the Department of Michigan. Through our shared commitment to community engagement, patriotic endeavors, and unwavering support, we aspire to be a driving force for positive change. As riders, we navigate the road ahead with a spirit of unity, resilience, and a profound dedication to upholding the values that define the VFW."
  • Develop and maintain a strong, active membership.
  • Promote the values of the VFW.
  • Promote vibrant service to our nation's veterans through VFW programs.
  • Promote a positive public image of the VFW and motorcyclists.
  • Promote the value of community service.
  • Promote and encourage motorcycle safety programs and awareness.
  • Develop an active and diversified list of activities designed to encourage maximum member participation and enjoyment of the VFW and the VFW Riders and in support of VFW Service Programs.
District 4 Riders Organization:

 Name  Office  Post Number
Bill Schaffer  President
Gary DeMars  Vice President  9885
Dennis Bowdler  Sgt-at-Arms  9363
Rodney Gasaway  Chaplain  6896

District 4 Riders Contact Information:
District 4 Riders Newsletters:

District 4 Riders Activities:
Independence Village of Plymouth:
Our VFW District 4 Riders Group is invited to attend a cookout at the Independence Village of Plymouth Senior Living facility. Independence Village has a group of Veterans who want us to meet and socialize. This is an excellent opportunity for us to show our support for the veteran community in our District, and we hope that many of our Rider members will attend. Please put this event on our calendar. May 25, 2024
Cookout Agenda Link
Flat Rock Memorial Day Parade:
Our VFW Riders Group accepted an invitation to ride in the Flat Rock Memorial Day Parade. The parade is scheduled for Monday, May 27, 2024, with staging at the Flat Rock American Legion Post at 9:30 am with a KSU at 10:00 am. The American Legion Post will serve coffee and donuts.
Memorial Day Parade Agenda Link
Riders/MMA Pig Smoke and Ride:
Our Riders Group is organizing a Rider/Driver Dice Run & Pig Smoke event in partnership with Flat Rock Post and Michigan Masonic Motorcycle Association Chapter 3. Please refer to the provided flier link for details. We are seeking volunteers from our Group to assist with this Ride and Dinner event. The proceeds from the Ride and Dinner will be shared among the Flat Rock Post, Flat Rock Post Auxiliary, and our District 4 Riders Group. The Ride is scheduled for June 1, 2024.
Day of Service Project:
On Wednesday, May 15, 2024, a group of District 4 Riders, along with members from the VFW Flat Rock Post and their Auxiliary, cleaned Veterans' gravestones at Woodmere Cemetery in Detroit. This work was our VFW Day of Service project. Woodmere Cemetery had a large number of Veterans' graves. Our team cleaned many of the gravestones covered with moss and then trimmed the grass at the base of the gravestone. We made good progress, but a lot of additional work is needed in that area.
   Woodmere Cemetery
Woodmere Cemetery Veterans Memorial:
Our District 4 Riders Group is honored to announce our participation in a special Veterans Memorial Ceremony at the historic Woodmere Cemetery in Detroit. The solemn ceremony is scheduled to commence at 11 am on Sunday, May 26, 2024. We invite everyone to join us in paying tribute to the brave men and women who have served our country.
Northville Brookdale Flag Day Ceremony:
The American Legion 1st District Visiting team has scheduled a Flag Day Ceremony for the Veterans and residents of Northville Brookdale Assisted Living Facility. During the ceremony, the distinguished Post 32 Honor Guard will conduct proceedings to raise a new flag. We invite the Post 32 Riders, other Post members, and VFW to attend.
Southgate Post American Flag Retirement Ceremony:
The Southgate Post 9283 is organizing an American Flag Retirement ceremony scheduled to take place on Sunday, June 23, 2024. The District 4 Riders Group has received a special invitation to participate in this meaningful event by serving as a motorcycle escort. The staging for the escort will start at the Southgate Post at 11:30 AM. For additional information regarding the event, please click on the link provided.
Michigan Heroes Museum Ride and Lunch:
Our Riders Group organized a day trip to the Michigan Heroes Museum in Frankenmuth, Michigan, on Saturday, July 20, 2024. The trip will take around two hours, starting from a staging location at Speedway on Seven Mile and Newburgh Road in Livonia. We plan to stage at 08:30 am and KSU at 9:00 am, visit the museum, and then have a late lunch. 

All VFW and VFW Auxiliary members in good standing with any District 4 Post are eligible to join the District 4 VFW Riders.
We meet on the 1st Friday of every month. Please check "CALENDAR" under "NEWS & EVENTS" for location and times since we are moving the meeting around within the District. 




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